Annual Reports

Annual Report 20122012 Annual Report

The Garrison Institute was founded in 2003 in response to a profound question: how do we apply the wisdom that flows from deep reflection to help solve today’s urgent social and environmental issues? Since then, the Institute has helped foster and lead a fast growing movement for contemplative-based social change. All of our work is strategically positioned at the confluence of contemplation and science, and grounded in their practical applications in the fields of education, climate change and trauma care...



GIannualReport11v32011 Annual Report

The Garrison Institute is more than a place; it’s a community. On its historic campus in Garrison, New York, it pursues evidence-based research and practical applications of contemplative approaches to social change. More than our board and staff or bricks and mortar, the Institute fundamentally consists of the people connected through us. They comprise diverse learning and professional networks and communities of practice stretching across the US and abroad...



2010 Annual Report

By any measure, 2010 was a landmark year for the evolution of the Garrison Institute. Since our founding in 2003, we have worked to make the case for the relevance of contemplative-based approaches to social change, and to demonstrate that they could be applied in practical, evidence-based ways that met the standards of scientific rigor and measurable, real-world results...


2009 Annual Report

Our achievements in 2009 are significant indicators of the Institute’s growth and maturity, and are also part of the growing body of evidence that smart, contemplative-based approaches are an important dimension of effective social change work. They have been made possible through gifts of time, energy, wisdom and support given to us by the thousands of members of the Institute’s extended community...



2008 Annual Report

The Garrison Institute has grown from a start-up to an established clearing house for innovative approaches to contemplative practice and social change. As we continue to build our capacity, our programs are already having demonstrable impacts on individuals and professional fields and our work is gaining wide recognition...



2003-2007 Combined Report

In our first four years, the Garrison Institute focused on developing our Program Initiatives and special projects, building operational capacity and establishing our retreat facility. Our organization is growing as our program activities evolve...

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