Gelek Rimpoche: Manjushri’s System of Blasting Through Ignorance

Open to the public

Gelek Rimpoche

As our daily interactions revolve around the unquestioned assumption of a permanent self deeply positioned within, we seek out happiness and contentment only to be frustrated by outcomes of suffering, confusion, and dissatisfaction.

Manjushri, the Wisdom Manifestation of all Enlightened Beings, shakes up that painful dynamic, delivering reliable results through a powerful system that capably blasts through our deeply entrenched ignorance of how we and the world actually function and exist.

We warmly invite you to join Tibetan Buddhism master Gelek Rimpoche for a weekend grounded in wisdom and compassion amid Garrison Institute’s springtime environment with lodging and grounds steeped in a long history of care and contemplation.

This weekend is open to all, with no previous background necessary. Those who are new are especially welcome.

Final registration/check-in on Friday, May 23 is from 3 – 6:30pm, dinner is 6 – 7pm, and the retreat commences after dinner. The retreat closes following lunch on Monday, May 26.

For more information about Gelek Rimpoche and Jewel Heart, please visit, call 734 994 3387, or write

May 23rd, 2014 3:00 PM   through   May 26th, 2014 3:00 PM
Open to the public