Initiatives ( 526 Files )

Our current Initiatives are Transforming Trauma, Transformational Ecology and Contemplation and Education. These documents are available to anyone who wnats inititative details, reports and other useful materials for understanding Garrison's Initiatives and related programs.

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(overview text for Articles about Garrison Institute)
Retreat and Facility Guidelines

Retreat and Facility Guidelines ( 5 Files )

These are materials describing how to attend, book, etc.
News Stories

News Stories ( 27 Files )

Here we compile news media stories about the Garrison institute and about the topics that are of interest to us and may be to you too.

CBR Project Leadership

Diana Calthorpe Rose, Co-founder and Creator

Sharon Salzberg, Co-founder and Creator

Emmett Fitzgerald, Director

Hadley Griffin, Program Associate

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CBR Project Advisory Council

John Fawcett

Elizabeth Janz

Thaddeus W.W. Pace

Darin Portnoy

Gayla Marie Stiles

Carla Uriarte

Andrew Zolli