Contemplating Contemplation:

A learning community hosted by the Garrison Institute


Contemplating Contemplation will be a cross-disciplinary learning community of contemplatives, cognitive scientists, educators, clinicians and social change leaders engaging the central issues facing the movement to integrate contemplative methods and competencies into the social and economic mainstream.  It will bring into fruitful dialogue three major domains of knowledge: contemplative practices and worldviews as they have been cultivated in the world’s religious, spiritual and wisdom traditions; the rapidly emerging science of contemplation -- especially cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology; and applications and adaptations of contemplative methods for use in specific fields.  Its objectives are:

  • to investigate and clarify the terminology and conceptual framing needed for fruitful discourse among contemplatives, academics and professional practitioners as well as for effective communication with the broader public
  • to convene thought leadership forums on specific themes that will result in published reports, articles and audio-visual materials
  • to document and disseminate case studies and best practices in contemplative social change
  • to develop a broad strategy by which the role of contemplative methods and their practical benefits can achieve higher visibility and become integrated into diverse sectors of society