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The Garrison Institute program initiatives - Contemplation and Education, Climate, Mind and Behavior, and Transforming Trauma - bring a contemplative dimension to key social change fields, applying relevant techniques to professional caregiving, teaching and environmental advocacy. The Institute researches and develops new ways of applying those techniques in specific vocational settings, from domestic violence shelters to classrooms.

Internships in support of these initiatives are a wonderful opportunity to learn in a beautiful, contemplative setting with a thoughtful community of individuals. In the past we have offered part-time internships in support of each of our initiatives, as well as in communications/web and development work.

Internship opportunities may be posted on our Employment Opportunities page.


The Garrison Institute is a not-for-profit organization, and we rely on the help of volunteers to help our small staff deliver a range of services. This includes operational support for some of our retreats and initiative events (including tasks such as dishwashing and cleaning), administrative support (mailings, data entry, helping with retreat logistics, etc), and facility support (such as gardening). Sometimes we need volunteers to help with a specific event; in other cases we have ongoing needs.

We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in volunteering. Please provide your name and contact information, and tell us a little bit about yourself, why you want to volunteer and, if you can be specific what you might want to do for us.


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