May newsMay 2015 e-news: Bringing Mindfulness to the Masses

  • The Huffington Post's Next Ten Campaign
  • Dr. Dan Siegel in NYC
  • More than Mindfulness: An Interview with Norman Fischer
  • The Mindful Athlete: A Conversation with Sharon Salzberg and George Mumford
  • CARE for Teachers: Scholarships for Summer Retreat

April News 6April 2015 e-news: Spring Awakenings

  • Dr. Dan Siegel on Kindness and Compassion
  • His Holiness the 17th Karmapa: Joining Heart and Mind
  • 7,000,000,000 for Dinner: A Community Earth Day Meal
  • Josh Korda on Buddhism, Psychology, and Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness and the Art of Aging
  • Contemplative-Based Resilience Training for Humanitarian Aid Workers

March News 1March 2015 e-news: March is Mindfulness Month

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Ten Steps to Mindfulness Meditation
  • In the Spirit: Interview with Robyn Brentano
  • 7,000,000,000 for Dinner: A Community Earth Day
  • Hemera Foundation Offers Scholarships to Educators
  • Intersections of Gender, Identity, and Buddhism
  • His Holiness the 17th Karmapa: Joining Heart and Mind

FebNewsFebruary 2015 e-news: Putting Mindfulness on Your Agenda

  • How to Help the Underserved with Mindfulness
  • Scholarships Available for Dharmapunx
    • Fostering Resilience in Caretakers and Health Care Providers
    • Living an Awakened Life: Working with the Bodhisattva Vows

Jan NewsletterJanuary 2015 e-news: New Year, Fresh Perspectives

  • Welcoming Andrew Zolli and Rachel Gutter
  • For People Who Care for People: Scholarships Available
  • Daring to Be Silent
  • VIDEO: Becoming a Force for Positive Change
  • New Research from CARE for Teachers
  • We're Hiring

DEC NEWSDecember 2014 e-news: Wishing You Joyful Holidays And A Happy New Year

  • Contemplative Care for Caregivers
  • In A Word: Chemistry of Connection
  • Leadership for Resilience Workshop
  • Resilience: Moving the Focus From Our Projects to Our Selves
  • Becoming a Force for Positive Change


Newsletter Nov 120November 2014 e-news: Caring for Caregivers

  • CBR Project in Rwanda for Mercy Corps
  • Heal Thyself: A Mindfulness Weekend for Health Care Practitioners
  • VIDEO: How to Talk with Patients Facing Terminal Illness
  • Resilience: Moving the Focus From Our Projects to Our Selves
  • Helping Kids Pay Attention


Dan-Goleman-120October 2014 e-news: The Chemistry of Connection

  • Communication and Interpersonal Relationships for Caregivers
  • The Chemistry of Connection 
  • Special Screening of BUCK
  • VIDEO:  A Design Brief for the 21st Century
  • VIDEO:  Kongtrul Rinpoche on Art, Creativity and the “Open State”



DanHarris-120September 2014 e-news: Green Schools and the Mindful Classroom

  • VIDEO:  Upbeat Climate in the Green Schools Movement 
  • The Art and Wisdom of Kongtrul Rinpoche   
  • The Mindful Classroom 
  • Retreats that Cultivate Connection 
  • Train Your Brain 



Behaved-Building-145August, 2014 e-news: Contemplation and Climate Change

  • Contemplation and Climate Change Symposium    
  • RESEARCH: Contemplation and Resilience    
  • RETREATS: Joy, Compassion, Connection    
  • Mindful Leadership Summit    
  • 2014 Scholarship Fund Campaign Goal Reached    


Tara-Goleman-145July, 2014 e-news: Retreats that Empower

  • Train Like You Work for Google    
  • Remembering Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi    
  • The Well-Behaved Building    
  • VIDEO: Contemplative Care for Patients and Families    
  • Retreats that Empower


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