Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves & the World

By Garrison Institute

World-renowned meditation teacher and author, Sharon Salzberg has published a new book entitled: Real Change: Mindfulness to Heal Ourselves & the World, copyright (c) 2020. The below excerpt is printed with permission from Flatiron Books. In the tradition I’ve been trained in, it’s a long-standing custom to dedicate the positive energy arising from meditation practice to others. So, in the…

Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves

By Garrison Institute

The Garrison Institute Forum on Pathways to Planetary Health will host Dr. Sam Myers, MD, MPH  on Thursday, August 6 at 2:00pm EDT.  Dr. Myers is the Founding Director of Planetary Health Alliance. Garrison Institute Co-founder Jonathan F. P. Rose will interview Dr. Myers about the rise of the field of Planetary Health, as well as his new book, Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to Protect Ourselves.

Our Pristine Mind: Cruising Altitude

By Orgyen Chowang

Excerpted From Our Pristine Mind: A Practical Guide to Unconditional Happiness by Orgyen Chowang © 2016 by Orgyen Chowang. Reprinted in arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boulder, CO. Cruising Altitude When we transcend mental events by practicing Pristine Mind meditation, it is like reaching cruising altitude in an airplane. There is no turbulence whatsoever in our mind. We are free…

How Children Thrive: Prioritizing What Matters Most

By Mark Bertin

Excerpted from HOW CHILDREN THRIVE: The Practical Science of Raising Independent, Resilient, and Happy Kids, by Mark Bertin, MD. Sounds True, May 2018. Reprinted with permission. The day ends and you pull into your driveway. You open the mailbox and, groaning, take out a two-inch pile of mail, 90 percent junk, but needing to be sorted. Riffling through it as…


By Maria Sirois

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” -Amit Ray It sounds so simple, childlike even, to say “just breathe.” You would think in the territory of suffering that our first best move might be something extraordinary, a momentous act, like “dial this number to directly reach the appropriate divine being,” or…

Inspire, Aspire, and Conspire

By Marc Lesser

It is no accident that “love the work” is the first practice of a mindful leader. The work of mindfulness practice begins with love, with deep caring. Love is where body, mind, and heart come together. Love is more than an idea and more than a feeling. “Love the work” is an instruction that is surprisingly practical; it can help…

climate: a new change charles eisenstein

Flipping the Script on Climate Change

By Charles Eisenstein

I still remember the event that made me into an environmentalist. I was seven or eight years old, standing outside with my father watching a large flock of starlings fly past. “That’s a big flock of birds,” I said. My father told me then about the passenger pigeon, whose flocks once filled the skies, so vast that they stretched from…

Being Mindful of Race

By Ruth King

The racial ignorance and distress we see in the world today is a reflection of the mind playing itself out in grand scale on the big screen, projecting our collective conscious and unconscious conditioning. Every one of our lives represents a mosaic, with many shades, shadows, and shapes of experiences. In our relational world of vast diversity, kinship, and division,…