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Choosing Less

By Matt Miles

The phrase “voluntary simplicity” has, to my ears anyway, a quasi-paradoxical ring to it, not unlike “waking dream.” It accrues…

Finding a New Religion of Meaning

By John McIlwain

New York magazine recently published one of the grimmest accounts of the possible results of climate change. Unfortunately, it comes…

Attuning to the Natural Simplicity of Life

By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee and Hilary Hart

The ceaseless demands of today’s world so easily fill up our days. With our smart phones and computer screens we…

Returning to a Place of Belonging

By Sam Mowe

When you pay attention to what’s happening to the world—the destruction of our air, soil, and water—it is common to…

Toward a Contemplative Ecology

By Andrew Zolli

In the past two centuries, human health and wealth have advanced as never before. While inequalities still bedevil us, on…

Seeing the Whole

By Andrew Zolli

Humanity is developing new technologies that can help us sense the world at scale, and make change visible in ways that are much more amenable to human cognition. And that matters, because seeing the world, deeply and in its totality, is the first step on the path to communion, empathy and stewardship.