In-Person: LGBTIQ Retreat – Waking Up Fabulous: Taking Refuge & Care

This retreat is an opportunity for the LGBTIQ community to gather and: to remember who we really are and to recollect our true inner goodness. We will explore ways of sustaining a kind heart, a clear open mind, and a strong body. We will engage with the ancient teachings and practices offered by the Buddha that cultivate compassion, wisdom, and skillful actions.

Sharon Salzberg and the Holistic Life Foundation: People Who Care for People

People who care for people play a vital role in our communities, whether in intimate family circles, larger social networks, or the wide array of helping professions in healthcare, education, social justice, and more. Often it is caregivers who support the front lines of our society: helping those who face challenges on a daily basis. However, this support can come at a high personal cost, leading to frustration, exhaustion, and a fast track to burnout. No prior meditation or yoga experience is necessary to attend.

Upper West Side Yoga: Yoga Retreat for Women: Calm in the Chaos 6.0

Join us for our sixth annual women's yoga retreat and be nourished by a warm and supportive circle of powerful women as we practice yoga, share our stories, enjoy wonderful meals, walk the labyrinth, explore Garrison Institute's natural beauty, and restore together. The intensity of the yoga practice will range from gentle/restorative to strong — practitioners of all levels are welcome, and we will modify as needed.

PESI: Anxiety Treatment Certification Retreat: Yoga, Meditation and Whole-Client Approaches

It’s never been more relaxing to become a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional! In 5 days, you’ll discover how a whole-client approach, integrating contemplative practices, functional medicine tools, cognitive techniques and artistic expression can quiet the mind, cultivate well-being, and wire-in recovery from anxiety and co-morbid depression.

Blue Throat Yoga: Neelakantha Meditation Immersion

Neelakantha Meditation is a contemporary meditation practice, based on ancient Svatantra teachings that is accessible to anyone and opens the deepest Self to access freedom, happiness, insight, creativity, and joy in daily life. It works to bring about transformation, healing, and benevolence in life. It is a daily meditation practice that is governed by the principle of effortlessness, which is easy to learn and practice.

Twining Vines Sangha Fall Sesshin

Twining Vines Annual weekend retreat. This is an opportunity for us to spend a few days in silence together, with traditional daily Zen practice of seated and walking meditation, working together, Dharma talks, and chanting service.