Awake in Nature

By Leslie Mott

This past weekend I was at a wedding in Vermont.  The groom has been a friend for over two decades.  And like all the rest of his friends, I was so happy that he had found love, especially after the pain and loss of his first wife’s illness and passing.  It was bittersweet; the ache and grief were still there,…

Radical Love in Our Country

By Jenara Nerenberg

Omid Safi is a celebrated academic, Islamic scholar, On Being columnist, and author of several books including his latest, Radical Love: Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition. With a strong focus on contemporary movements and linking mystical traditions of Islam with the work of Dr. King and Malcolm X, his new book renews and refreshes our sense of hope and…

Real Love

By Sharon Salzberg

The common cultural conception of romantic love is full of heartache. There is a lot of wanting and needing and there can be a lot of inauthenticity in the way you try to present yourself in order to be desirable. Sharon Salzberg explains why it doesn’t have to be that way.