Awake in Nature

By Leslie Mott

This past weekend I was at a wedding in Vermont.  The groom has been a friend for over two decades.  And like all the rest of his friends, I was so happy that he had found love, especially after the pain and loss of his first wife’s illness and passing.  It was bittersweet; the ache and grief were still there,…

Deep Winter

By Geneen Marie Haugen

The trail through the snow was easy enough to follow at night, without a flashlight to show the way. Pausing occasionally, I’d wait until my eyes could discern the subtly darker shadow that snaked through a stand of fir and pine: a trail carved by my boots and supplemented by occasional moose, maybe elk or coyote. On the blackest nights,…

personal and social change

Changing for Real

By Nora Boxer

Renowned teachers and authors Ethan Nichtern and Sharon Salzberg will be leading a retreat on “Real Change” at the Garrison Institute on December 14-16, 2018. We talked with them recently about the nature of both personal and social change, and how creating supportive communities is essential to the practice of Real Change. Nora Boxer: Why do we paradoxically both want change…