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The Satyagraha Project

On April 11-13, 2008 Garrison Institute's Initiative on Transformational Ecology kicked off its Satyagraha Project, an exploration of Mahatma Gandhi's concept of nonviolent struggle, satyagraha or "truth force,"...

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Climate Change Leadership

The Garrison Institute is playing a key role in a growing climate change network by serving as convener and supporter of a series of strategic explorations on the ways forward in shifting the dynamics of global action on climate change...

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The Hudson River Project

The Hudson River Project (HRP) is a local/regional program that has effectively launched a Transformational Ecology movement here in the Hudson River region. It works with faith leaders to generate values-based conversation on environmental concerns...

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Climate, Mind and Behavior Events

    Climate, Mind and Behavior Leadership


    John McIlwain | Bio |

    Climate, Mind and Behavior Leadership Council:

    Dina Biscotti, UC Davis
    Uwe Brandes, Urban Land Institute
    Marilyn Cornelius, Stanford University
    Jeff Domanski, Princeton University
    Becky Ford, University of Otago, New Zealand
    Ruth Greenspan-Bell, Woodrow Wilson Intl Center for Scholars
    Lauren Kubiak, Natural Resources Defense Council
    Skip Laitner, ACEEE
    Nils Moe, Urban Sustainability Directors Network
    Phil Payne, Gingko Residential
    Roger Platt, USGBC
    Jonathan Rose, Garrison Institute Board Member
    Kurt Roth, Fraunhofer Institute
    Jonathan Rowson, RSA
    Rachael Shwom, Rutgers University
    Jennifer Tabanico, Action Research
    Jason Twill, Lend Lease (Australia)

    For more information on Climate, Mind and Behavior and Climate, Buildings and Behavior, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.