Contemplative Teaching and Learning Reports

Mindful Teaching: Conceptualization and Measurement. Report from the April, 2011 forum. Researchers, practitioners and educators came together to develop strategies for observing and measuring mindful teacher behavior. Questions centered on the role of science and research in defining the emerging fields of mindfulness research and contemplative teaching. In creating observational measures for classroom teachers, what measures would capture identifiable mindful behaviors? Report pending - check back soon.

Mindful Parenting: Conceptualization and Measurement, September 2010. "Mindful parenting is the ongoing process of intentionally bringing moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness as best one can to the unfolding of one’s own lived experience, including parenting. Cultivating mindfulness in parenting starts with self-awareness.... This meeting convened twenty researchers, clinicians and other leaders interested in and working with family intervention programs that integrate mindfulness–based techniques and practices... in order to move forward with clinical research trials and defining possible systems of measurement..." Mindful Parenting: Conceptualization and Measurement
Envisioning the Future of Contemplative Education: An Education Leadership Forum convened by the Garrison Institute’s Initiative on Contemplation and Education, October 22-24, 2008. "[T]he leadership forum brought together 20 leaders in K-12 education... to explore the avenues by which contemplative wisdom can impact educational reform at three levels: (1) as a catalyst for change in educational policy; (2) as a means to improving educational environments by enhancing teachers’ ability to provide social, emotional, and instructional support, and (3) as both a curricular subject and a method of enhancing curricular content...” Envisioning the Future of Contemplative Education
Developmental Issues in Contemplative Education, April 2008: A Symposium of the Garrison Institute’s Initiative on Contemplation and Education, April 2008. “Ninety-three researchers, educational leaders and classroom teachers from the US, Canada, England, Ireland and Denmark convened at the Garrison Institute to explore how contemplative approaches can support specific developmental goals in childhood and adolescence….”
Developmental Issues In Contemplative Education, April 2008
Awareness and Concentration in Teaching (ACT) Denver Pilot Project, Spring 2007. “This two-weekend professional development training for teachers reduces teachers’ stress and increases teachers’ classroom efficacy by improving their awareness and concentration skills, with a particular focus on emotion understanding and regulation…” Awareness and Concentation in Teaching (ACT) Denver Pilot Project
Discussion Forum Report from the Garrison Institute and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL): Assessment for Social, Emotional and Academic Learning with Preschool and Elementary School Children, October 16-18, 2007. “…a meeting convened … to identify priorities for providing guidance to educators and policy makers on appropriate assessment strategies and systems in order to promote and ensure high-quality educational opportunities that foster the social-emotional development and academic performance of preschool and elementary-school children…” Assessment for preschool and elementary-school social, emotional, and academic learning, Oct. 2007

Current Status of Programs Using Contemplative Techniques in K-12 Educational Settings: A Mapping Report, June 2005. “Between June 2004 and April 2005, the Garrison Institute… mapped the current status of programs utilizing contemplative techniques with mainstream student populations in K-12 educational settings. The Mapping Project sought to identify similarities and differences in program pedagogy and methodology…” Contemplative Techniques in K-12 Education: A Mapping Report

Contemplative Teaching and Learning