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March 23, 2018—March 25, 2018

An Intimate Encounter With Grief

The benefits of a bereavement group are the support and connection the group provides during the grieving process. This retreat will offer you an opportunity to tell your story to others who are grieving, identify and work on feelings—particularly the difficult ones of guilt, regret and anger—and honor the legacy of the person you have lost.  

In this safe environment,  you will find commonality and encouragement and learn that you don’t have to grieve in isolation.  Adjusting to life with the “absent presence” of your loved one is a process, and we hope that this retreat will support your movement along this path to healing.


Ellen Theg
is a NY State licensed psychoanalyst, a certified Gestalt therapist, and an experienced bereavement counselor. She has been counseling individuals moving through grief and loss since 2001.  Working with the Bereavement Center of Westchester (BCW) and spiritual communities in NYC, she provides support for the transition to life without the physical presence of the loved one. She has facilitated child and adolescent groups at the BCW’s Tree House program for families grieving together, and runs groups for adults who have lost partners, parents, siblings, and pets.

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