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August 16, 2019—August 18, 2019

Awake in Nature: End of Summer Retreat

The fullness of high summer call us into a time of noticing the rich tapestry of nature all around us. With the Garrison Institute’s location on the Hudson River, access to numerous hiking trails, a labyrinth and expansive grounds, we can come to a new awareness of beauty, spaciousness, and mindfulness. Join yoga and meditation teacher Leslie Mott to explore a weekend of the natural world. As an avid hiker, bird watcher, and star gazer, Leslie will incorporate opportunities to rise early for bird walks, or go hiking, or to gaze at the night sky. (The Perseid meteor shower will reach its maximum rate of activity on 13 August 2019, but some shooting stars associated with the shower are expected to be visible each night from 23 July to 20 August.) There will also be gentle yoga practices, an introduction and practice of meditation, with time to relax and renew. Bring a journal and a yoga mat, if you have one, and binoculars!


With a regular practice of meditation, focusing, and yoga, Leslie considers herself a student first and a teacher second, joining with others to discern and live out lives of contemplation, mindfulness and action. Having accumulated over two thousand teaching hours during the last 7 years, Leslie’s yoga practice combines her love of teaching and her desire to always be a student. She was certified an RYT 200 hour teacher by the Yoga Alliance in 2012, and began teaching classes immediately, first at the Yoga Co-Op at the Garrison, then for Living Yoga Studios in Cold Spring. She currently teaches classes at Ascend Studio in Cold Spring, NY. Leslie’s classes are light-hearted and fun, and focus on using the breath to bring presence and attention to each posture. She believes that yoga expands our compassionate awareness, helping every student to rediscover grace, flexibility and groundedness. As a meditation and mindfulness teacher, Leslie is experienced in the Ignatian (imaginative) tradition, Yoga Nidra, full body relaxation, as well as a variety of guided meditation modalities. She has worked with non-profit boards, educators, and community leaders, and was an instructor with the Veteran’s Administration at Castle Point, NY, teaching yoga and practicing guided meditation for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

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