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September 13, 2019—September 15, 2019

Change is Possible! A Mindfulness-Based Coaching Retreat

Stress Eating? Stress Drinking? Stress Tweeting? There are a million ways we might respond to stress that are not so healthy. First, the bad news: we can’t eliminate stress entirely. Now, the good news: we can find new ways of relating to it, and even harness its power for good!

Join Mindfulness Coach & Hypnotherapist Beej Christie Karpen and Adult Education expert Dr. Douglas Scherer, EdD. on an exploration of habits—how to cultivate the ones that serve us well and ways to cut out the draining habits that plague us.

This workshop will use neuroscience and mind-body practices to break through limiting beliefs and create new habits that will move you into a more joyful and meaningful life.
 You can expect engaging exercises such as:

• Guided meditations (Beginners welcome)
• Walking Meditation
• Gentle movement/breathing (think yoga-lite)
• Didactic Content
• Group Hypnosis
• Mindful Eating
• Journaling
• Guided body scans (learning to access the “subtle,” or emotional, body, and using this information to discover one’s own resources to reduce stress)


Beej Christie Karpen, MBSR-QT, CC, a certified coach (NYU) and hypnotherapist (Wellness Institute) is a sought-after mindfulness instructor, having taught over 500 classes at various corporations and institutions. An intuitive teacher/healer, Beej has a unique gift for propelling clients toward a less stressful way of living. Beej, who holds a Certificate in Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (The New School) and studied Mindful Eating with Brown University professor Dr. Judson Brewer, is best-known for her work with habit change for over-drinkers. Beej received her Buddhist Meditation Teacher qualifications through The Interdependence Project with Ethan Nichtern and Journey Meditation with David Nichtern. (In her other life, Beej plays the oboe professionally and has the distinction of being one of only a handful of people in New York City who have both sung onstage and played in the orchestra pits for Broadway shows!)

Dr. Douglas Scherer Ed.D., MBSR-QT, RYT200 has taught and researched adult learning and leadership to individuals, organizations, and the executive suite for nearly twenty years. Douglas bears first-hand experience in healing stress and chronic pain through mindfulness meditation, and has weaved these experiences into his long-term parallel career as a technology executive. He is a registered yoga teacher, and completed his masters and doctoral degrees at Columbia University where he is an adjunct faculty member. His most recent papers and presentations include Experiential Resonance: Tapping into Embodied Knowledge – a Qualitative Study of Snow Sports Instruction in New York (with Dr. Nélida Quintero); Mindfulness, Learning, and Extreme Event Leadership; Using Reflective Learning in Information Technology Crisis Resolution, and Doing the Right Thing: Executive Mentors and Caring Leader Development (presented at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting). Both teachers received their MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher qualifications from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Mindfulness.

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