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July 31, 2017—August 4, 2017

EMDR as a Transpersonal Therapy: A Cross Cultural Approach Where East Meets West

Literature about transpersonal psychology will be presented, along with transpersonal research studies that explored treatment outcomes of EMDR as a transpersonal therapy, as well as the impact of a transpersonal approach to psychotherapy. Energy based healing philosophy and technique as depicted in Eastern and native shamanic spiritual traditions will be taught along side of contemporary western transpersonal developmental theorists. The cultural and spiritual aspects of shamanism, woven into native tradition, will be taught. The role of EMDR therapy in awakening consciousness will be explored as we take the healing of trauma into the realms of a greater cosmic whole in the language of images, sensory experiences, and intuitive knowing. There will be a continuous and flowing process taking participants from the left brain didactic to the right brain experiential, creating an integrated and flowing experience from egoic to expanded awareness. 

Small group practice sessions will allow participants to take the role of therapist, client, and of transpersonal observer who tracks energy and information within the shared field. Due to the length and depth of the program, this is an opportunity to go deep within the experience and within the personal work of transformation. The program includes participation in evening gatherings of drumming, meditation, and ceremony, as in accordance with the policy and permission of the hosting facility.

This is NOT an EMDR Basic Training. 

Irene Siegel, Ph.D., LCSW conducts her integrative EMDR psychotherapy practice and teaches meditation in Huntington at Center Point, an integrated health and counseling center. She received her doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology in 2011 from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and her masters in Social Work in 1977 from Columbia University. As a Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant, Credit Provider, and previous EMDRIA Conference speaker she introduces the innovative concept of integrating mindful awareness and resonance into the EMDR protocol. She studied ancient healing traditions throughout North and South America, and teaches integration of Western psychotherapy and science with ancient healing arts.

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