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July 21, 2017—July 23, 2017

Eve Ekman: Expedition with the Atlas of Emotions: Working with Stress and Burnout

This training builds specific skills of emotional awareness, professional empathy, and identifying our meaning and purpose. Participants learn emotional awareness through mindful engagement with their emotions from the triggers to emotions, to the embodied and psychological sensations of emotion and results of emotional expression and behavior. The training is highly experiential and will involve group discussion, skill-building group exercises, basic education on relevant scientific research of emotion and stress, guided meditation of shamata attention training, and four immeasurable practices to mange difficult emotions.

In addition to developing emotional awareness, this training invites participants to examine the root causes of professional and personal stress. When people feel overwhelmed by the stress burdens of their relationships and work they may feel their only option is to emotionally disengage. This disengagement can have a negative impact on communication, cooperation, and empathy and can reduce feelings of satisfaction and meaning. This workshop introduces skills to facilitate the regulation of emotions before they become “over aroused” and create stress and burnout. This training will help participants cultivate sustainable empathy and reconnect to meaning in their work through healthy connection and communication.


Eve Ekman is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, where she has been developing, delivering, and evaluating an intervention for health care professionals called SPRUCE, Supporting Provider Resilience by Upping Compassion and Empathy. The curriculum is again based in CEB with a combination of brief guided mediation and emotion regulation in a supportive group setting. Eve, with her father Paul Ekman, has spent the last three years creating an emotion awareness training tool at the request of the Dalai Lama, the Atlas of Emotions. Learn more about Eve here: Eveekman.com

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