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October 19, 2018—October 21, 2018

iBme: Mindfulness Retreat for Parents, Teachers, and Youth-Serving Professionals

This retreat will explore mindfulness through formal meditation periods and relational mindfulness activities. We will pay special attention to the ways these practices can assist parents, teachers, and youth-serving adults as they encounter challenges and opportunities in their work with young people.  Together, we will develop skills of focused concentration, introspection, compassion, and insight. The emerging science of mindfulness suggests that these practices  can help build emotional resilience, inner strength and well-being. Retreat practice helps develop the flexibility to be present, kind, and skillful in relation to our own experience and in our interactions with the young people we care for. 

Each day will be held primarily in silence. Practices will include sitting and walking meditation, small group activities, movement and free time. Please come prepared to participate in all aspects of the retreat with curiosity and a willingness to engage with challenge.



Jessica Morey began practicing meditation at age 14 in the Insight Meditation Society teen retreats. She returned every year for 6 years and then participated for 10 years in an IMS young adult mentoring group. Jessica has attended longer (1-3 month) retreats in Asia and the US and is a founding board member and lead teacher for iBme teen retreats. Before joining iBme, Jessica worked in clean energy and climate policy and finance. She holds a BA in Environmental Engineering from Dartmouth and Masters degrees in Sustainable Development and International Affairs. She wrote an article in the February 2014 Mindful magazine, “Finding My Way,” about her experience learning and benefiting from mindfulness throughout her young adult years. She is an avid yoga practitioner and skier and loves dancing in any form.

Joe Klein, LPC, CSAC, is a founder of iBme. Joe holds a vision of a new paradigm in youth development and education where teens are supported in cultivating their birthright capacities for joy and love, wonder and curiosity, wisdom and inner genius. Joe brings playfulness, Earth connection and whole brain/whole body/whole-heartedness to his work with young people. He teaches graduate courses, retreats, and workshops on mindfulness at Radford University and provides mindfulness-infused counseling for adolescents and young adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, and addictions in Southwest Virginia. In 2014, Joe helped to co-found Springhouse Community School, which fosters connection to self, community and Earth through mentoring and project-based learning for teens in grades 7-12.

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