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November 3, 2020—November 8, 2020

In-Person: Altar of Creation “Moving Into Physical Law”

Altar of Creation “Moving Into Physical Law: Structural Engineering & Clinical Problem-Solving”

Learn the Altar of Creation, a new energy-based healing paradigm, from its creator, osteopathic physician Steven Weiss.

Take a journey into the mysteries of trauma and recovery with physician/healer Steven Weiss, creator of the Altar of Creation, a paradigm that holds a vision of our body’s memory of perfection, and addresses physical and spiritual laws to support healing at the deepest levels.

As a model of healing, The Altar of Creation weaves together elements of osteopathy, energy medicine, sacred geometry, embryology, engineering, martial arts, and traditions
of the Tibetan Bon and Zuni native people. At its basis is the understanding that we contain the template of perfection as an ideal, as a holographic, embodied truth and as a memory in our being. This visionary approach to healing activates that memory, which is the basis of how we heal!

Through lecture, ceremony, guided meditations, discussion, direct transmissions and experiential exercises, you:
Practice a self-calibration technique we call “getting out of the way,” emptying ourselves to hear the wisdom of the body
Learn the Invisible Wound approach to evaluation and treatment
Journey into the perfected space of the early embryo’s sacred geometry and divinity… and learn to directly access and hold these visions as a guide to orient and direct healing
Explore how sacred geometry and embryology control self-healing and self-regulation
Invoke the infinite wisdom and power of the body to heal itself
Gain practical tools and procedures for personal and professional healing that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any healing practice

You have many opportunities to give and receive healing, and everyone experiences a direct healing contact with Weiss and his assistants. All those seeking to learn a transformative healing practice are welcome– both professional practitioners and those new to the healer’s journey.

*Please note: This is a private event for students who are currently enrolled in the Altar of Creation Course. Please visit the Altar of Creation website or e-mail healing@medlodgenyc.com for information about future courses that are open to the public. 


Steven Weiss, DO, is a licensed osteopathic physician, board certified in the specialty practice of neuro-musculoskeletal osteopathic medicine. He is internationally recognized for his clinical success and has an uncanny ability to help people suffering from complex and seemingly unsolvable clinical problems. He consults in the fields of PTSD, chronic pain, sports and performing arts medicine, and the treatment of prenatal and pediatric problems and trauma. A nearly life-long meditator and a devotee of the natural world and music, for more than 25 years he has devoted his professional work to pursuing and applying clinical and healing approaches that invoke and support the power of the human body to heal and regulate itself. Weiss is the medical director of the Medicine Lodge Clinic and the founder and educational director of The Altar of Creation School.



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