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October 28, 2020—November 1, 2020

In-Person: Christian Contemplative Journey: Fr. Carl Arico, Mary Anne Best & Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler

A limited number of Hemera Contemplative Fellowships are available in support of this program. For more information, please refer here. 

A time apart to listen, to reflect, to be still and come to know deeply that the Christian contemplative journey is about opening and consenting to the divine presence and action in all stages and dimensions of life, a process of interior transformation that unfolds over a lifetime. One’s way of seeing reality changes in this process and a restructuring of consciousness takes place which empowers one to perceive, relate and respond to everyday life with acts of love and increasing sensitivity to the divine presence in, through and beyond everything that happens. 

A silent retreat that includes:

• Showing of selected excerpts from the videos of Thomas Keating 

• contemplative teachings on the four consents of life and the spiritual journey,  diminishment, suffering, dying and the mystery of God 

• 3-1/2 hours of Centering Prayer daily in common

• celebration of the Eucharist 

• the practice of Lectio Divina

• morning prayerful movement/yoga 

• opportunity to meet individually 
with retreat leaders for spiritual companioning

• silence and solitude

“The dying process is the culmination or peak of development –
the whole development – of the spiritual journey in which
the total surrender into God involves the gift of life itself.
Really we are dying into each nanosecond of time, when we accept it.
Death is perhaps the most complete surrender,
And for that reason it is not death, but life, a movement into fullness
that we can’t imagine from this side of the dying process.”
– Thomas Keating, The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living


Fr. Carl Arico
 is a founding member of Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. and a member of the Gift Committee which is entrusted with works of Thomas Keating. He is an editor and contributor of the Contemplative Life Program, the Heartfulness, The Gift of Life, God is Love and That We May Be One series. He is well-known and beloved for his gift of transmitting teachings on the spiritual journey in a down to earth, practical, compassionate and sometimes humorous manner. 

Mary Anne Best
 serves as development director of Contemplative Outreach, stewarding fundraising and the production of special projects as an editor and coordinator for the development of new works by Thomas Keating, organizes and leads Centering Prayer retreats, and is a principal writer for online courses and the Contemplative Life Program (CLP).  She is a member and trustee of a contemplative Christian community in Austin, Texas; mother and grandmother of two beloved grandchildren; and enjoys the silence, walking, yoga, nature, and travel with beloveds to faraway places.

Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler
 is a founding member and served as President and executive director of Contemplative Outreach over her thirty-three year career.  She chaired the Gift Committee which is entrusted with works of Fr. Thomas Keating.  She was an editor and contributor of the Contemplative Life Program, and the Heartfulness, The Gift of Life and God is Love series. Gail has authored numerous articles on the contemplative life and was one of the principal writers for online course offerings.  Gail retired from her position with Contemplative Outreach in December 2016 and continues her work as an international speaker and retreat director focusing on contemplative living and practice.   




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