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November 6, 2020—November 8, 2020

In-Person: Dragon’s Way Qigong® – Deep Dive with Grand Master Nan Lu

Turn inward with Dragon’s Way Qigong and discover how to deepen your connection to Natural Law through Qigong practice.  
This experiential weekend is based on our popular program, Dragon’s Way Qigong®. It is intended to take current participants to a deeper level of practice while introducing newcomers to the healing benefits of the system. Under the guidance of Grand Master Nan Lu, you will practice specific Qigong movements that create an
internal flow of vital energy, engage in group experiences, and mellow out with meditations. 

Everything you experience during this weekend retreat comes from one root and therefore connects back through generations of consciousness to support all those in attendance.

During this weekend, you’ll sit in an energy formation known as the Bagua. The Bagua will determine what earth element is right for you. You will then use that element to support your personal cultivation during the weekend and beyond. Grand Master Lu will share in greater detail the meaning behind this energetic framework. 

If you haven’t been part of the Dragon’s Way Qigong classes, we’ll guide you as you begin a life-changing journey. 
You will rediscover what it feels like to have abundant energy flowing freely in your body. 

For anyone who has made Dragon’s Way Qigong a way of life, we will enhance your skill so you can return home with a newfound sense of freedom.

This weekend retreat is hosted by Traditional Chinese Medicine, tcmworld.org

Registration is a two-part process:
1. Click here to Register via tcmworld.com and pay the program fee
2. Make arrangements for your room and board directly with Garrison Institute via the Registration link below

Registration fee: $350.00
Dragon’s Way Instructor Fee: $275.00

About Grand Master Nan Lu

Grand Master Nan Lu has been sharing the timeless wisdom of Chinese medicine and QIgong practices for over 35 years. His unique ability to translate these teaching and apply them to modern-day living has helped individuals discover the meaning behind, the statement, true healing lies within. In his words, As your energy shifts and you reeducate your mind, your body, mind, and spirit function as one. Together they help you discover the best of who you are.

Registration Options

Dorm Room
Double Room
Single Room
These costs include room and board only. Please be in touch with the group regarding any additional program fees.