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September 26, 2019—September 29, 2019

Josh Korda, DharmaPunx NYC, and Jessica Morey: The Science and Somatics of Self-Care

The Science and Somatics of Self-Care:

Contemplative Practices to Reset our Nervous Systems

Embodied calm and ease is challenging to achieve given that we are surrounded by the pace of modern life and stimuli that light up our survival instincts. Relaxation is especially elusive when we’ve experienced emotional wounds, traumas, or relational abandonments that have set our nerves on high alert. While we try to calm our aroused or chronically shut-down nervous systems, we can be bombarded with messages “to just relax,” as if it’s simply a matter of pushing a button.

On this retreat we’ll address the underlying psycho-biological mechanisms that establish our core emotional settings, integrating early Buddhist wisdom with contemporary insights from neuropsychology and attachment theory.  We’ll explore a wide variety of ancient and modern techniques to establish states associated with the eight Cs: Connected; Curious; Calm; Clear; Confident; Courageous; Compassionate; Creative.

This 3-day retreat will include a variety of contemplative practices that support self-soothing, including guided somatic meditations, dharma talks, relational exercises, and movement techniques. There will be multiple opportunities to ask questions of teachers, as well as times set aside to explore the beautiful hiking trails surrounding the retreat center.


Josh Korda has been the guiding teacher DharmaPunx NYC since 2005, and is a regular visiting teacher at Zen Care. He has a large buddhist mentoring private practice and regularly authors pieces for Lion’s Roar, Tricycle and Buddhadharma. More information and links to his podcast at www.dharmapunxnyc.com



Jessica Morey is the Executive Director of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) and serves as lead teacher for iBme teen retreats. Her writing has been published in Lion’s Roar and Mindful magazine. Before joining iBme, she worked in clean energy and climate policy and finance. She holds a BA in Environmental Engineering from Dartmouth and Master’s degrees in Sustainable Development and International Affairs. Learn more at https://ibme.info/.

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