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February 3, 2017—February 5, 2017

Krishna Das: Heart of Devotion Retreat

Please note: Single rooms for this retreat are sold out. 

With Lama Surya Das, Tulku Sherdor, Nina Rao, and Jill Ganassi.

For kirtan tickets only on Friday night, click here. For kirtan tickets only for Saturday night, click here. On Friday (2/3) our shuttle van will meet the trains that arrive at Garrison train station at 7:01pm and 7:27pm. The kirtan runs from 8-10pm. Our van will leave the front steps of the building at 10:10pm to transport people to the 10:24pm train. On Saturday (2/4) our shuttle van will meet the trains that arrive at Garrison train station at 6:59pm and 7:30pm.  The kirtan runs from 8-10pm. Our van will leave the front steps of the building at 10:05pm to transport people to the 10:20pm train.

Join Krishna Das for a weekend retreat of yoga, chanting and devotional heart-opening practices. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with a group of dedicated seekers and immerse yourself in practices, teachings and discussions. The retreat program consist of two evening kirtans and two afternoon workshops led by Krishna Das. Kirtans are approximately 2-3 hours of call-and-response chanting with musical accompaniment and workshops are approximately 3-4 hours of call-and-response chanting, talks about the spiritual path, and a forum for questions and answers. 

Jill Ganassi will be teaching two morning Iyengar yoga classes which will focus on using asana as a platform to cultivate a feeling of freedom, stability, and non-judgemental internalized awareness. Appropriate for all levels. If possible, please bring one foam block, a strap, and one blanket. 

On Friday night, Krishna Das will be joined by Lama Surya Das who will share his experiences not only as a Buddhist teacher but also having had Maharaj-ji Neem Karoli Baba’s darshan. On Saturday afternoon KD will be joined by Tulku Sherdor, dharma teacher and chant master.
Also included in the retreat program, is a group chanting of Hanuman Chalisas with Nina Rao. This an opportunity for beginners and experienced chanters to join in the chanting this 40-verse prayer in praise of Hanuman, together as a group. The prayer is from the Indian tradition with Hanuman invoked as the very breath of the Divine – our own Divine nature. Many believe that chanting this prayer gives us the strength to get through difficult times with compassion and grace. Word sheets will be provided. No experience necessary. 

Krishna Das is a Grammy-nominated chant artist and has sung with people all around the world for over 35 years. His music offers the practice of chanting mantras mostly in the Indian tradition with some Buddhist and Gospel infusions! By sharing his life experiences on the Path in his book “Chants of a Lifetime” and workshops with people around the world, participants have found a way to integrate spiritual practices in their lives in a better way with some peace of mind. More information can be found at krishnadas.com.

Lama Surya Das
is one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and scholars, one of the main interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, and a leading spokesperson for the emerging American Buddhism. Surya has spent over forty five years studying Zen, vipassana, yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism with the great masters of Asia, including the Dalai Lama’s own teachers, and has twice completed the traditional three year meditation cloistered retreat at his teacher’s Tibetan monastery. He is an authorized lama and lineage holder in the Nyingmapa School of Tibetan Buddhism, and a close personal disciple of the leading grand lamas of that tradition.  He is a published author, translator, chant master, and a regular blog contributor at The Huffington Post, as well as his own AskTheLama.comblog site where he shares his thoughts and answers questions from the public each week.

Tulku Sherdor is the founder of the Blazing Wisdom Institute and the Rimay Monlam Tibetan Peace Prayer Gathering. A dharma teacher for 25 years, he may well be the most accomplished non-native chant master in the entire Tibetan Buddhist world today, earning the admiration of great chant masters at monasteries in Tibet and Nepal. Tulku became a close disciple of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche in Nepal in 1981. In 1990, he completed a traditional 40-month intensive Lama training retreat established by Kalu Rinpoche, during which he served as the chant master for the retreatants, and followed that with a year-long, very strict solitary retreat in the Chogling treasure lineage.

Nina Rao is Krishna Das’s assistant and accompanies him in kartals. Her first recording is of the ‘Nina Chalisa’ on Krishna Das’s “Flow of Grace – Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa” album. In January 2013 she released her own album “Antarayaami – Knower of All Hearts” and continues to chant with people in Brooklyn and beyond. More information can be found at chantkirtan.com.

Jill Ganassi is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher with 18 years of teaching experience and a student of Patricia Walden and Mary Dunn. She is also a Social Worker with a private practice and has a studio and office in lower Westchester County. For more info on Jill go to www.jillslakehouse.com.  



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