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March 22, 2019—March 24, 2019

Marc Lesser: Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader: Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen

What would your work look like if you knew how to stay focused without being rigid, if you got more of the right things done, if you could transform challenges into opportunities? 

In this workshop, which is suitable for leaders at any level, you’ll receive the tools you need to shift awareness, enhance communication, build trust, reduce fear and self-doubt, and cut down on unnecessary workplace drama.

We’ll explore how the inner work of mindfulness and self-awareness meets the outer work of leadership and business as a force for positive change and results that matter. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Cultivate your leadership presence
  2. Thrive in the midst of change and challenges
  3. “Own” your power and your ability to empower others
  4. Improve focus and flexibility
  5. Cultivate greater self-awareness and resilience
  6. Increase engagement, collaboration, and wellbeing

This highly-interactive training is structured around 7 core mindful leadership practices:??

  1. Love the work: Lead with focused inspiration.
  2. Do the work: Learn to respond with more empathy and flexibility.
  3. Don’t be an expert: Let go of thinking you are right. Step into greater wonder, openness, and vulnerability.
  4. Connect to your pain: Transform challenges and difficulty into  learning and opportunity.
  5. Connect to the pain of others: Increase connection and trust.
  6. Depend on others: Empower others and be empowered by others to foster alignment and radically healthy communication.
  7. Keep making it simpler: Let go of a mindset of fear and scarcity. Cultivate awe and wonder. Focus on results that matter most.

Sustaining and Integrating the Practices: program participants will learn group support and problem solving methodology providing the framework for ongoing, independent group process following the training, as a means to sustain and integrate the practices.


Marc Lesser has taught his proven 7-step method to leaders at Google, Genentech, Comcast, Facebook and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years. This experiential workshop draws on Marc’s experience as a CEO of 3 companies, as co-founder of the world-renowned Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program within Google, and as a long-time Zen practitioner. For more information, visit http://marclesser.net/training-for-organizations/. 

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