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December 1, 2017—December 3, 2017

Performance Wellness: Using Music and Sound as Your Path to Healing, Creativity and Wholeness

We all in our lifetimes go through an abundance of “performances.” Whether you are a performing artist, a salesman, a quarterback, a corporate CEO, a teacher, a judge, a news anchor, a preacher, or a best man holding a speech for the “dearly beloved,” when we take the stage, the “wellness” of our mind, body, and heart is often taken for granted.

Have you ever wondered what lies underneath our heart racing, palms sweating, voice shaking, numb limbs, trembling body, feeling of pressure, second guessing, judging yourself, thoughts racing, thoughts freezing, overwhelming fears, self–criticism, emotional shut down, painful backlash? Or have you taken it for granted and just put that well-known socially accepted label on it such as “stage fright” or “performance anxiety” and left it at that? Or just chose not to participate or think about it at all?

Performance Wellness does not take the “wellness” of your being for granted as you go through a “performance.” Performance Wellness is a unique practice that uses specifically designed modules as tools for healing those inner voices that control our life’s performances, whether they are personal or professional. Learning these modules and applying them in a safe group setting will allow you to go deep within and liberate your heart’s true song. Whether you are a seasoned performer or someone whose creative spirit has been locked away for decades, performance wellness is a practice that can transform your life.

Teacher bios:

Jesse Paris Smith is a composer, instrumentalist, activist,  producer, performance wellness coach, and an integrative sound and music practitioner. For 15 years she has been performing globally in many configurations, collaborating with musicians and artists from many different cultures. jesseparissmith.com

Morana Mesic is a New York based vocalist, lyricist, composer, arranger, performance wellness coach, and an integrative sound and music practitioner from Croatia. MoranaMesicMusic.com

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