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April 12, 2019—April 18, 2019

Ron Young: Healing Wisdom: The Medicine of Spirit International Training

This training is offered to healers of all traditions and practices, including traditional healers, physicians, psychotherapists, educators, artists, researchers of truth, and to all who are called.

In this advanced, seven-day immersion training, Spiritual Healing for the Healers of the World, Ron offers The Greater Spiritual Field of Life to the participants to move into for a deeper understanding of correct place and posture in relation to Self, God, and Spirit. From here we call forth those imbalances through which the Healer, carrying the posture of the “Strong One,” has depleted and diminished their self through service to others. This diminishing of self comes through unknowingly, carrying the pain and the anguish, the guilt, shame, failure, and responsibilities, of those to whom Spiritual Service has been offered.

This process of internal reorganization through the agency of God, Spirit, and Grace, empowers the Healer to realize their Greater Service to Life.

The Spiritual Healer stands within Self-Knowing and knows who he is in Self, in relation to God, and in relation to Spirit. In this knowing, there is no distance between the Spiritual Healer, God, and Spirit; there is no mask to hide behind, no posture of superiority, and no acts of judgment. He is the bearer of a great treasure–The Medicine of Spirit. 

The Spiritual Healer is not captured by the psychical world, or the worlds of phenomena. He seeks only the manifestation of the phenomena of the Power of Love from the Giver of Life itself. He calls this God’s Grace–The Medicine of Spirit. 

The Spiritual Healer is standing surrendered, naked in the Sacred Place within, and has relinquished the voices of the world as his defining reality of what is possible. He is clothed only in the luminous vestments Spirit offers; Love, Power, and Wisdom. He has the courage of the Power of Love to stand as the vision holder for the one seeking assistance from Spirit–The Medicine of Spirit. 

The Spiritual Healer in this same moment stands in Authority with Spirit to call forth the Healing. The Healer knows and perceives the immediate response to his request, and perceives also the immense forces and intelligences that stand forth in active response to each request. There is complete confidence and trust in the manifestation of the healing–The Medicine of Spirit 

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Ron Young’s work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the Nature of Reality, and the outcome of many, many thousands of hours of guided spiritual development by his Teachers, and by the Grace of Spirit. For Ron, the work was and remains a full and continuous immersion. It is the product of many years of unceasing service with those seeking guidance, healing, and creative visioning. Ron’s work as a Spiritual Guide is to develop those with him by bringing each trainee “Home—to their Spirit Within.”

This movement to Self is a patient and gradual unfolding founded in the Power of Love. The revealed gifts and the journey are unique to each individual. There are no carbon copies of the Teacher-Guide. It is the Teacher-Guide’s spiritual duty to reveal each student to himself, and to help each develop the gifts endowed by Spirit for the incarnation. Ron’s teachers had no techniques—they had only the Ocean of Creation in which they each lived and and consciously demonstrated with Spirit what was possible beyond the confines of human intellect and its science of informed reality. In this work, as given by Ron, through the model of his teachers, is the inherent abyss, which remains impassable for the majority of seekers. There is no technique with its accompanying comfort zone that gives a degree, a title, and a form. The work is achieved by looking inside the world of appearance to see what is. From this place of direct perception with Spirit, untainted from desired outcomes, the work is done.


Click here to register for this retreat with Healing Wisdom before booking your accommodations at the Garrison Institute.

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