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January 31, 2020—February 6, 2020

Ron Young: Three Empowerments for the Spiritual Healer

This will be a yogic meditation-based training open to the serious student. We will work directly with Spiritual Healing in different forms stabilizing within a deep meditative base for the work to be done. We will also open the Healing Constellations through the Creative Causal Consciousness so a deeper comprehension of the human reality, beyond human concepts and psychological theories can be perceived. Here all earth held images of good/bad, justice/injustice, victim/perpetrator are revealed as equally embraced by That Which is Greater, reflecting once again the interdependency of The Field of Life in Its Wisdom-Compassion.


The FIRST ROOT for the Spiritual Healer is though entering Gaia/Earth/Mother consciousness.  Gaia is necessary in the development of the Spiritual Healer as She calls forth the first surrender to That Which is Greater.  The Spiritual Healer is required to enter into Gaia/Her active Consciousness to receive Her teaching of the interdependency and sustainability of Life through the Compassion-Wisdom field of the Mother.  It is here in this Knowing that she/he who seeks to be a Spiritual healer is opened to the profound interdependency of the creative life movement.  This reveals the FIRST SEAT of the Spiritual Healer: an opening of deep trust, respect, humility, and reverence to the movements of Love from the Mother Field to each of those She supports in the passage through the Field of Life.  It is this deep trust, respect, humility, and reverence that becomes the extraordinary road to profound surrender to That Which is Greater, as the inner development continues.

Traditionally the Mother takes you to the Father/The Cosmic and the Father takes you into Unknowable/Absolute Beingness God.  This is the SECOND SEAT and empowerment for the Spiritual Healer opening into a greater revelation of the reality of That Which is Greater.  Entering Self through the grounded trust, respect, humility opened through the Gaia Field, the Spiritual Healer is Moved into the Heaven Root, beyond the worlds of cause/effect and phenomena, directly into the consciousness of Life and Regeneration within Source into That Which is Greater.  In this empowerment the Spiritual Healer enters the Self-Knowing Consciousness known as Wisdom Mind and Compassion Heart, directly into the reality from which we are each emanations.  

When the Spiritual Healer arrives grounded within Heaven and Earth, the THIRD SEAT is fully opened.  This is the essential and preeminent seat.  It is here that the Spiritual Healer has arrived as a big zero without personal image and has become completely harmless, as she/he has surrendered completely all images and desired outcomes.  She/he seeks to follow what is permitted in the movement of life to those who request spiritual intercession and healing by calling for the Grace of That Which is Greater and trusting completely in its Wisdom-Compassion manifestation.  The Spiritual Healer through profound internal opening in both evolution and involution to Self has become an empty tube for the fulfillment of service to the Movement of Life in all of its forms.  

From here the deeper movements of Spiritual Healing begin.

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Ron Young is a spiritual guide, healer, and creative visionary whose work is the product of a lifetime of investigation into the nature of reality and thousands of hours of guided spiritual development. His goal is to help those who study with him come home to their Spirit-Soul within. Ron sees his spiritual duty as revealing each student to their true selves, and helping each person develop the gifts endowed to them by Spirit.

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