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September 18, 2020—September 20, 2020

Search Inside Yourself with Rich Fernandez and Heather Jelks

The Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program teaches emotional intelligence skills through mindfulness practices and the latest in neuroscience.  Originally developed and tested at Google, the training has been shown to help improve focus, empathy and resilience so you can unlock your full potential.

Whether you’d like to join for personal or professional development, by attending the SIY program you will:

 • Grow your emotional intelligence skills: Develop greater self-awareness, the capacity to choose how you respond to challenging situations and improve interpersonal skills that will allow you to better relate with others at work and at home.

 • Gain new insights about yourself: Explore your own personal preferences, motivators and purpose and discover how to improve your capacity to manage stress and make decisions.

 • Develop your leadership skills: Take your performance to the next level and become a more compassionate and effective leader.

 • Gain new practical tools: Learn and practice a wide range of mindfulness-based techniques to develop and integrate higher emotional intelligence into your daily life.

The program kicks off with a highly interactive in-person training followed by a month-long digital practice period to help you build new habits.  You will also have a chance to create connections with like-minded people and join our growing global community.

Coaches can also receive 13.5 Continuing Coaching Education credits from attending SIY.  To obtain, simply send an email to siypublic@siyli.org after the program asking for your letter of completion. You can find more information here.


Dan Vazquez. A Harvard graduate, Dan fell in love with mindfulness in his early 20s when he was having what people now-a-days call a quarter life crisis. Everything seemed to be going great from the outside: a Harvard grad, working for LA times, great relationship, making good money, but something didn’t feel right. A 14 hour bus ride; an encounter with an old friend who studied Taoism; a boat ride to Stone Island off to meet a monk who taught him how to meditate changed the course of his life. He went to India for 10 months where he practiced regularly and upon returning to NY became a middle school teacher and administrator where he taught both parents and kids ways to work more skillfully with their own minds. Since then, Dan has expanded his reach and has led mindfulness workshops for a variety of companies and organizations all over the United States including MIT, Jet.com, Gemini.com, NYU, etc.

Heather Jelks 
Heather is the President of Nautilus Coaching & Consulting, LLC, an executive coaching and consulting company dedicated to the development of masterful leaders. Heather trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn and has a graduate degree in organization development as well as somatic and leadership coach certifications. An avid runner and meditation practitioner, she introduces her clients to mindfulness concepts and best practices that deepen resilience, wisdom, and well-being. She recently co-authored the book, Missing Conversations: 9 Questions All Leaders Should Ask Themselves, and is passionate about championing mindful leadership.


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