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August 16, 2020—August 21, 2020

The International Focusing Institute: Advanced and Certification Weeklong – 50th Anniversary

Join us for the 50th Anniversary of the Weeklong Retreat for the International Focusing Institute!

This weeklong is open to all Focusers who are certified by The International Focusing Institute or soon-to-be-certified, and to advanced Focusers who have substantial experience. 

This retreat is Private and with Prerequisites. Click Here for More Information and to Register. 


Edgardo Riveros, Santiago, Chile. Edgardo is an Experiential Psychotherapist. He has translated many of Eugene Gendlin’s books into Spanish.

Dan Schacter, Tel Aviv, Israel. Dan is a clinical psychologist, Focusing Coordinator and a somatic experiencing practitioner and supervisor. 

Jan Winhall, Toronto, Canada. Jan is a psychotherapist in private practice and Director of Focusing on Borden, a centre for teaching focusing and focusing-oriented therapy.