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April 27, 2018—April 29, 2018

Venerable Amy Miller: Karma and the Nature of Mind

Sometimes we think, act, and behave in less than beneficial ways. These patterns can trigger guilt, shame, depression, anxiety, and other negative states of mind. By understanding the nature of our mind through a variety of meditations and exercises, we can explore a gentle and realistic approach in creating a more balanced mind; this is the core of leading a healthy more balanced life.

Join this insightful and practical weekend that will include a variety of guided meditations such as shiné (calm abiding), the nature of mind, death and dying, developing the good heart, emptiness, and other topics on the path to awakening. Discussion and meditations will also be included clarifying karma, the law of cause and effect. Help kickstart your practice or invigorate an already-existing one. 

Comments from the last retreats include, “Totally life inspiring” and “The best thing I chose to do this year.” Some background in Buddhism a great help, but not necessary.

This retreat will be held in silence.


Amy J. Miller (Ven. Lobsang Chodren) first encountered Tibetan Buddhism in 1987 at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Since then, she has spent a great deal of time engaged in meditation retreats, study, teaching, and Buddhist center management throughout the world. Prior to encountering Buddhism, Amy was a political fundraiser in Washington, DC and also worked for Mother Jones Magazine in San Francisco, California. Amy also trained as an emotional support hospice counselor during the peak of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco and offers courses and retreats on death and dying and end-of-life care.
A past director of Vajrapani Institute in California and Milarepa Center in Vermont, Amy was ordained as a Buddhist nun in June 2000. She has been teaching extensively since 1992 and is happy to help people connect with meditation and mindfulness in an effort to gain a refreshing perspective on stressful living.
Amy also leads pilgrimages around the world and will be leading a trek to a holy cave and retreat center in the Mt. Everest region of Nepal in October 2018. She is the co-author of Buddhism in a Nutshell and a contributor to online courses for the FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition). Based in the United States, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, her teaching schedule and other information can be found on her site.


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