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November 20, 2020—November 21, 2020

Virtual Workshop: People Who Care For People with Sharon Salzberg and the Holistic Life Foundation

People who care for people plays a vital role in our communities, whether in intimate family circles, larger social networks, or the wide array of helping professions in healthcare, education, social justice, and more. Often it is caregivers who support the front lines of our society: helping those who face challenges on a daily basis. However, this support can come at a high personal cost, leading to frustration, exhaustion, and a fast track to burnout. 

How do we balance the desire to help others with our own needs? How do we have compassion for ourselves as well as others? How do we infuse our actions with the wisdom that we must do our best while honoring that we’re not in control? 

Sharon Salzberg and Atman Smith, Ali Smith and Andres Gonzalez offer a program exploring the immense resilience of the human spirit, and how to find greater balance when serving others. Recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally in a community of caretakers from all walks of life with meditation, yoga, and contemplative practices. 

We will explore a variety of practical tools for a uniquely personal balance of self-care:


•           Meditation techniques for greater calm, clarity, and peace of mind

•           Recharging breathing practices to counteract daily depletion on the job

•           Learn to work with challenging emotions like anger, guilt, and sadness

•           Reconnecting with deeper motivations for greater fulfillment

•           Yoga practices to foster health and relaxation for body and mind

•           Working with equanimity for ongoing balance 

•           Build deeper connections through lovingkindness practice


Join us for a virtual workshop to develop the skills needed to move towards deeper care, both for ourselves and for others. No prior meditation or yoga experience is necessary to attend.

Sharon Salzberg is a central figure in the field of meditation, a world-renowned teacher and author. She has played a crucial role in bringing meditation and mindfulness practices to the West and into mainstream culture since 1974, when she first began teaching. She is the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA and the author of eleven books including New York Times bestseller,Real Happiness, her seminal work,Lovingkindnessand her most recent book,Real Change: Mindfulness To Heal Ourselves and the World.

Andres Gonzalez is one of the Co-Founders of the Holistic Life Foundation.  For eighteen years, Andres has taught yoga to diverse populations throughout the world, including Baltimore City Public School students, drug treatment centers, mental crisis facilities, homeless shelters, wellness centers, colleges, private schools and other various venues throughout the nation and throughout the world. He has partnered with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health and the Penn State’s Prevention Research Center on a Stress and Relaxation Study and is a published author in the Journal of Children’s Services. His work with the Holistic Life Foundation has been featured on Making a Difference on the NBC Nightly News, CNN, and CBS, as well as O the Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Upworthy, Mindful MagazineYoga JournalShambala Sun, and many other publications.  He is a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, maintains a B.S. in Marketing from University of Maryland, College Park and an MBA from the University of Maryland, University College.

Ali Smith was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a graduate of the Friends School of Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park. Ali started his journey with contemplative practices as a small child, learning meditation from his father and attending the Divine Life Church of Absolute Oneness, run by Swami Shankarananda. He deepened his practice and learned the art of teaching as a young adult, studying many forms of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork from his teacher and godfather Will Joyner. Ali has almost 20 years’ experience teaching these practices to a broad demographic spectrum, internationally. He is a published author, and is a pioneer in the fields of yoga and mindfulness in education, as well as trauma informed yoga and mindfulness, developing best practices that are used around the world. He co-founded the Holistic Life Foundation in 2001 and The Involution Group in 2019. Ali is also a co-host of the Look Again Podcast which you can find at www.theinvolutiongroup.com

Atman Smith is a Co-founder of the Holistic Life Foundation, where he served as Director of Youth Programming for ten years Director of Fundraising for five years and currently serves as the Director of Development. Since 2001, he has been teaching yoga and mindfulness to a diverse population including underserved and high-risk youth in Baltimore City Public Schools, drug treatment centers, wellness centers, and colleges. A native of Baltimore, Atman attended the University of Maryland, College Park where he was a letter award winner for the University’s men’s basketball team. He graduated with a B.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice. His work with the Holistic Life Foundation has been featured on Making a Difference on the NBC Nightly News, CNN, and CBS, as well as O the Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Upworthy, Mindful Magazine, Yoga Journal, Shambala Sun, and many other publications.


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