Healthcare Workers

Please note: There are no more Hemera or Angell scholarships for healthcare workers available for 2018. Please check back in December for information on scholarships offered for 2019.

Healthcare Workers may still apply for any scholarships offered through our General Scholarship Fund. Please click here to see the retreats for which we are accepting applications. 

Hemera Healthcare Fellowship Scholarship

Hemera’s Contemplative Fellowships for Health Care Professionals provide financial support for full-time health care professionals to attend meditation retreats at many different centers throughout the U.S. Meditation retreats provide a supportive training environment in which individuals can cultivate mindfulness, compassion, and personal well-being, qualities which can extend into their professional lives and improve workplace culture. The Angell Foundation Scholarships for Healthcare Workers

The angell foundation scholarship for healthcare workers

The Angell Foundation builds upon the charitable promise of David and Lynn Angell by promoting and advancing high-impact programs that help people empower themselves.