To Schedule a Retreat

What you need to know: The Garrison Institute is available for group retreats of any length for 40-165 people. Please refer to our How to Schedule a Retreat for more details on booking a retreat. To assist groups with this planning, we ask that you contact:

Jane KolleenyRetreats and Business Development Director
Tel: 845.424.4800, ext. 103 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We invite you to visit our Facility page for a tour of our building and grounds.

There is a cancellation policy that applies to a group canceling a whole retreat/program at the Garrison Institute. This policy is detailed in the agreement that is established with each retreat group.

For individuals cancelling attendance at a retreat when Garrison Institute collects room and board fees directly from guests, we assess a $50 processing fee up to a week in advance of a retreat.

For cancellations within a week of the event, in addition to the $50 processing fee, we will assess a fee of $40 per day for the length of the retreat to cover our direct costs for food, which will have already been ordered. If you cancel after 4pm the night before a retreat starts, there will be no refund. It is in your best interest to be certain of your intention before registering for a program.


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"...with joyful memories of the many pleasures in being at the Garrison Institute... My introduction to your corner of heaven is memorable, indeed..."



Upcoming Events

  • Spontaneous Mindfulness: Sensory Awareness Foundation
    Friday, Oct 9 – Sunday, Oct 11
    Open to the public
    To be present—fully present—is to meet the world with natural mindfulness, and with increased vitality and ease. The practice of Sensory Awareness allows us to find this presence through simple experiments in active awareness that can reach to the very core of our being—body, heart, and mind.
  • A Yoga Retreat for Women: Practical Gratitude
    Friday, Oct 9 – Sunday, Oct 11
    Open to the public
    Ingrid A. Marcroft, Co-Owner of Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness, will lead and fully participate in this warm and supportive circle of powerful women as we practice, share and restore together. All levels of yoga practice are welcome.
  • Threshold Society: Cultivating Heartfulness
    Friday, Oct 9 – Sunday, Oct 11
    Open to the public
    Exploring the Fundamental Principles by Which We Can Sustain Openness, Objectivity, Compassion, and Spiritual Perception

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