Each of our Signature Programs focuses on the practical application of contemplative methods for solving problems in various fields — from humanitarian aid to the environment to the teaching profession. Additionally, many of these retreats fall into distinct but complementary topics that reflect our commitment to effect positive social change in the world.

Together these Signature Programs illustrate the ways in which the deep reflection and contemplative work that happens inside the building spills out into the wider world and society.

Contemplative-Based Resilience

The CBR Project helps aid workers in crisis contexts all across the world to combat anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue, panic attacks and Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

Climate, Mind and Behavior

The CMB Program convenes leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of climate change and environmental advocacy, neuro-, behavioral and evolutionary economics, psychology, social networking, policy-making, and investing and social media to work together on ways to shift behavior on a large enough scale to realize substantial emissions reductions.

CARE for Teachers

CARE for Teachers is a unique program designed to help teachers reduce stress and enliven their teaching by promoting awareness, presence, compassion, reflection, and inspiration.

Retreats Program

We host over 100 retreats each year with world-renowned teachers from diverse spiritual traditions and leading thinkers from a wide variety of disciplines.

Custom Programs

We offer a variety of different customized programs—including group facilitation, contemplative workshops, and resiliency skills training, collaborating with the best meditation and yoga teachers, as well as leading thinkers in the fields of psychology, sociology, ecology, technology, political science, and more.