Tending Space Fellowships for Artists

The Tending Space Fellowship Program for Artists was developed by the Hemera Foundation with the view that art has the capacity to infuse the experience of everyday life with awareness. The aim of the program is to nurture the creative practice of seeing things as they are, to cultivate that awareness, and to live and create from this insight. To accomplish this, we provide financial support for artists to experience the immersive, contemplative environment of a meditation retreat. Qualified applicants will be full-time artists—visual, performing artists, writers, and multi-disciplinary artists—whose professions directly relate to their artmaking practice.

Tending Space Fellowships are available for full-time artists with a sincere desire for the experiences of extended meditation practice to inform and influence their creative expression in the world.

Fellows will be provided with financial support to attend one meditation retreat per year at the Garrison Institute. Artists who have never attended a residential meditation retreat longer than a weekend will be provided with 100% funding for the retreat of their choice. Artists who have attended at least one meditation retreat longer than a weekend will be offered 50% funding, with need-based support available beyond that. The program is open to domestic and international applicants, as well as groups of artists.

2018 Eligible Retreats

JANUARY 11-14 | NY Zen Center for Contemplative Care: Winter Sesshin

FEBRUARY 16-23 | Westchester Buddhist Center: Annual Weeklong Retreat: The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

FEBRUARY 23-MARCH 2 | B. Alan Wallace and Eve Ekman: Cultivating Emotional Balance

MARCH 1-4 | Empty Bowl and Morning Star ZendoWinter Sesshin

MARCH 2-4 | Still Mind Zendo: Silent Retreat

MARCH 9-11 | Sharon Salzberg and Holistic Life Foundation: People Who Care for People

MARCH 23-25 | Jane and Derek Kolleeny: Practice Mindfulness on the Spring Equinox: A Special Retreat on How to Meditate

APRIL 5-8 | Annual LGBTIQ Retreat: Waking Up Fabulous: Taking Refuge in Every Moment, Every Day, for the Benefit of All with Madeline Klyne, La Sarmiento, and Gavin Harrison, and yoga with Jacoby Ballard

APRIL 20-27 | Rupert Spira: Aware Presence

APRIL 27-29 | Loch Kelly: Open-Hearted Awareness

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