Digital technologies connect billions of people on Earth – half the world is now online where we can exchange, learn, and thrive.

Digital space has become an essential part of our common social fabric, but this connectivity is not without its costs. The very same interfaces that bring us together can also separate us. The online world cannot only elicit the better angels of our nature, but our demons as well. And the tools used to inform us can also be used to spread misinformation and doubt.

In this circumstance, we ask:

  • Is it possible to build not merely social media, but sociable media?
  • Can we redesign the interfaces through which we connect to each other, to encourage 
greater empathy, compassion, altruism, trust, conflict resolution and reconciliation?
  • How do we de-bias the algorithms that govern our online lives?
  • Can we use new tools, like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to prime our moral imagination?
  • What does it mean – for our society, ourselves and our children – to live a humane 
and balanced digital life?

Through specialized salons, events, summits, and symposia; digital content; and collaborative work, we will explore new strategies and tactics to encourage a more compassionate and emotionally intelligent digital world.

Our goal is to encourage a new field, and new community- of-practice, focused on employing the principles of applied compassion to user experience design, machine learning/AI, and the business models that underwrite our digital lives.