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Garrison Institute Staff


All staff can be reached at our main office number, 845.424.4800.

Paula Barbag, Interim Development Director

Paul Blaszak, Groundskeeper/Gardener

Carling Devin, Registrar

Linda Downey, Events Manager

Emmett Fitzgerald, Director, Contemplative-Based Resilience Program

Monique Francis, Front Office Administrative Assistant

Henry Garcia, Maintenance

Hadley Griffin, Program Associate, Contemplative-Based Resilience Program

Jeanne Johnson, Deputy Executive Director, HR and Operations

Erin Koch, Events Coordinator

Jane Kolleeny, Retreats and Business Development Director

Greg Kowalenko, Facility Manager

Jennifer Llewellyn, Graphic Designer/Creative Communications Associate

Christopher Marblo, Executive Director

John McIlwain, Director, Climate Mind and Behavior

Stacey Mitchell, Full Charge Bookkeeper

Sam Mowe, Marketing and Communications Manager

Stephen Parks, Maintenance

Diana Calthorpe Rose, Founding President Emerita |Email | Bio

Ada Scanga, Housekeeper

Rosanna Scanga, Housekeeper

John Sirabella, Marketing and Communications Director

John Teagle, Maintenance

Ellen Theg, Events Staff

Sonam Topgyal, Housekeeper

Marc Weiss, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer



Shelley Boris (Fresh Company), Food Service

David Kelly Duncan, Audio-Visual | Email |

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