Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium

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Applying New Insights to Climate Solutions

The Garrison Institute’s Climate, Mind and Behavior Symposium works to integrate emerging research findings about what drives human behavior into new thinking on climate solutions. It crystallizes and further develops the emerging understanding of human behavior generated by behavioral and social sciences, and applies this evolving body of thought specifically to climate change action and related ecological issues, proposing new approaches, tools and solutions.

Climate, Mind and Behavior convenes leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of climate change and environmental advocacy, neuro-, behavioral and evolutionary economics, psychology, social networking, policy-making, and investing and social media to work together on ways to shift behavior on a large enough scale to realize substantial emissions reductions. The most recent Climate Mind and Behavior Symposium was held at the Garrison Institute in June, 2013.

icon Variation and Diversity in Sustainability and Climate Work: 2013 Climate, Mind and Behavior Synthesis Report

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Program Rationale
After interviewing leaders in the behavioral, including psychology and economics, neuro-, and social sciences, Clmate, Mind and Behavior has identified a need to support the integration of insights from these fields and use them to generate climate change solutions. Applying a behavioral lens to environmental policy and regulation helps make it more effective and consonant with the way human ‘wiring’ and behavior has evolved. By integrating the lessons of current behavioral and social sciences into policy and regulatory thinking, we are more likely to develop policies that would shift the behaviors affecting climate change and ecosystem loss, advance a clean energy economy and identify pathways that transform humans’ negative environmental impacts into sustainable lifestyle choices. CMB will help develop an intellectual and practical framework in which our economic, ecological and moral values are aligned, while striving for a world that acknowledges the rights of present and future occupants of this planet.



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