We will work with you to plan a retreat for a minimum of 70 people. For more details on booking a retreat:

How to Schedule a Retreat [PDF]

To assist groups with this planning, we ask that you contact:


We invite you to visit our Facility page to take a virtual tour of our building and grounds.


There is a cancellation policy that applies to a group canceling a whole retreat/program at the Garrison Institute. This policy is detailed in the agreement that is established with each retreat group.

For individuals canceling attendance at a retreat when Garrison Institute collects room and board fees directly from guests, we assess a $65 processing fee up to a week in advance of a retreat.

For cancellations within a week of the event, in addition to the $65 processing fee, we will assess a fee of $40 per day for the length of the retreat to cover our direct costs for food, which will have already been ordered. If you cancel after 4pm the night before a retreat starts, there will be no refund. It is in your best interest to be certain of your intention before registering for a program.