Jonathan F.P. Rose Receives the 2021 ULI Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development

By Garrison Institute

Jonathan F.P. Rose, cofounder and chairman of the Garrison Institute, has been announced as the winner of the 2021 ULI Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development from the Urban Land Institute. This prestigious award recognizes Rose’s work as the founder and president of Jonathan Rose Companies LLC (JRCo), a national mission-driven real estate development, planning and investment firm.

In ULI’s press release announcing his selection, Rose shared, “I am deeply honored to have been selected to join the previous distinguished laureates who have received this prize. The Urban Land Institute has long been the leading global force for best practices in real estate and community development. The planning and development of the right kind of communities are essential if we are to have a fair and just – and therefore, sustainable – society. Every element of opportunity, such as access to great schools, healthcare, good work and safety, is place-based. I hope that this award will help shed a light on the ways that we can build and rebuild communities of opportunity that are affordable, safe, green and socially just.”

Ending Racism: How to Change the World in One Generation

By Meghan Goria

Almost every piece of work or literature that I’ve read on racism is built on one assumption: that it cannot end. Or at best, that it will be a “lifelong fight.” That ending racism will be something that “will probably never happen in our generation.” Most of the quotes you hear about the fight against racism sound something like this:“We used…

The Peak of Resilience

By Garrison Institute

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped all of our lives. Not least of these, the lives of healthcare professionals working on the front-lines. Yet amidst the long, challenging days in the hospitals, the medical staff across the country consistently demonstrated care and compassion for their patients. How do they cultivate such enduring resilience?

Pathways to Planetary Health Forum: David Simas & Jonathan F.P. Rose in Conversation

By Garrison Institute

We recently launched The Garrison Institute Forum with a conversation between David Simas, CEO of The Obama Foundation, and Garrison Institute Co-Founder Jonathan F. P. Rose. The Forum sessions aim to expand our understanding around how each of us can play a role in supporting a regenerative, just, and prosperous world. In this inaugural Forum conversation, Simas shared about his upbringing as…

Search Inside Yourself

By Rich Fernandez

Much of contemporary mindfulness is based on the newly emerged field of “contemplative neuroscience,” which looks at the effects in the brain and overall health of contemplative practices such as different forms of meditation and mindfulness. In the contemporary mindfulness practices such as those offered through the “Search Inside Yourself” curriculum, many of the exercises and skill building are derived…

3 Reasons to Combine Mindfulness and Change Management

By Wendy Quan

In the corporate world, many of us struggle with the relentless changes that happen at work that often disrupt our lives and increase our stress. The responsibility of helping people through change, or ‘change management,’ tends to fall upon leaders, change managers, project managers or human resources. However, generally whatever little time there is to perform change management is usually…

Lead by Example: Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace

By Rachel Gutter

A workplace flourishes when its leaders prioritize the health and well-being of their most valuable asset: people. Organizations are powered by the teams behind them: the employees who keep the operation moving, growing and evolving. An investment in their health and well-being is an investment in the health of the business. Many organizations are taking strides toward ensuring their teams…

Inner Work. Outer Impact. A Leadership Journey for the Modern Workplace

By Michelle Maldonado

When I was seven years old, something unexpected happened. Something that changed how I showed up, perceived others and experienced life through a lens that was ever evolving as I traversed childhood and adulthood …. and even now, as I prepare to enter elderhood in the years to come. I spent a magical summer with an aunt in Wyoming learning…