Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire with Rebecca Henderson

According to Harvard University professor Rebecca Henderson, capitalism is the most successful economic system in history, yet it’s in danger of destroying itself – and our world. While some may be paralyzed by the enormity of the task facing humanity, Henderson’s 2020 book Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire offers hope: if you, as an individual, can make even a single company a better place to work, you can change lives and be part of a driving the larger social and political changes that are needed.

Deliver Bad News with Compassion: A GUIDE

As the economy shifts gears, companies reorganize, and mass layoffs proliferate, leaders are
increasingly responsible for conveying hard messages to their firms. Thoughtful leaders are asking: how can bad news be delivered in a way that is honest, respectful, and compassionate?

Knowing that tough news is almost always perceived as negative, leaders must develop the skill of
reframing difficult change as not necessarily negative, while also acknowledging the stressful moment.

Creating a Wise Work-Life Balance: Relational Sensemaking in Leadership

Many organizations, businesses, and institutions are struggling right now to survive economic downturns while also maintaining human wellbeing—and the balancing act can be tumultuous. Tensions and rifts emerge when core values are challenged by workplace demands—causing moral, social, and economic dilemmas.

Gross National Happiness as a Keystone in Sustainable Growth with Tshewang Wangchuk

According to the World Economic Forum, Bhutan has considerably and measurably improved its economic, environmental, social and governance situation in the last four decades, and is on the verge of graduating from “Least Developed Country” status this year. The Bhutan Foundation is an independent and objective partner to the King of Bhutan and its government.

Announcing Our New CBR Director, Christa M. Tinari

The Garrison Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Christa Tinari as the new Director of our Contemplative-Based Resiliency Program.

“We are very excited to welcome Christa to the Institute and to our team,” says Brian Gallagher, Interim Executive Director. “She brings a wealth of experience regarding the science of contemplation in the service of human well-being, and is the ideal leader to grow and deepen the impact of our CBR Program.”

Heath Nero on the Power of Protecting Public Lands

In this discussion, Nero cautioned against “fortress conservation,” in which local communities are excluded from the conservation efforts and do not reap any benefits. He highlighted that conservation is most successful when done in concert with indigenous and first nations – in fact, that partnership can be a pathway to reconciliation and more resilient local communities and economies.