Peter Senge Discusses Urgency and Action

Dr. Peter Senge recently sat down at the Garrison Institute to discuss why the Institute’s goals and aspirations inspired him to become deeply connected to us.

“The essence of the Garrison Institute is the connection of contemplative practice and social action – and in a way, that is the center of everything I’ve done for much of my life.

I attended my first Zen retreat when I was an undergraduate in college, and after 20 or 25 years of being a part-time meditator I realized my life was changing. That’s when I became a more serious practitioner; it was quite evident that contemplative practice informs and effects how I show up in the world, and my ability to do the work I want to do.

When I first met Jonathan and Dianna of the Garrison Institute, I was immediately struck by their dedication to this work, and their willingness to keep trying to build this critical niche.”

During the conversation he also spoke about the importance of acting without counterproductive urgency. That clip is presented here.