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Please note: Our scholarship funds are limited, so each applicant may accept only one scholarship per calendar year.
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At the Garrison Institute, we believe that our work is most impactful when it is most inclusive. Our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in our programming is shared by the individuals and foundations who support our scholarships program. Applicants may be eligible for specific scholarship opportunities designed to support the participation of a fuller array of humanity in our programs. Your responses to these questions will not disqualify you from our general scholarship opportunities, and you are welcome to select “Prefer not to answer” if you do not wish to provide this information.

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By participating in our scholarship application process, you agree to complete our pre-retreat survey, and, should you be awarded a scholarship, our post-retreat survey. Responses from these surveys helps us to secure financial support by providing meaningful feedback that foundations are seeking, and informs future program development. Information and testimonials provided in your survey will be used solely for these purposes and will never be sold. Your name will remain confidential unless you have provided us expressed permission otherwise.