The Garrison Institute brings together a unique blend of constituents: contemplative and spiritual teachers, credentialed academics, scientists, and those working on new forms of social and environmental engagement. Together, we seek to develop new pathways, rooted in a mix of both spiritual and secular understanding, that lead to deep and lasting social transformations.

The Garrison Institute Forum is a series of conversations with extraordinary leaders from across the domains of planetary health, education and social justice as well as with those supporting the resilience for professionals working on the front-lines. We hope you can join us for these timely conversations.


Upcoming Conversations

Garrison Institute Forum: Pathways to Planetary Health – On Thursday, October 8th at 2:00pm EDT, we continue the Garrison Institute Forum with a conversation between John Fullerton, Founder and President of Capital Institute, and Jonathan F.P. Rose, Co-Founder of the Garrison Institute.


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Past Conversations

On Wednesday, August 19 at 2:00pm EDT, Meditation Teacher and Author Sebene Selassie joined Jonathan F.P. Rose, Co-Founder of the Garrison Institute in conversation. Sebene spoke about her new book, You Belong, that offers a compelling case for resisting the forces that separate and reclaiming the connection—and belonging—that have been ours all along. A video recording is available here.


Garrison Institute Forum: “Healing Collective Trauma in a Fractured World”
On Tuesday, August 4th, we continued The Garrison Institute Forum with a conversation around “Healing Collective Trauma in a Fractured World” with Thomas Hubl, Spiritual Teacher and Author, and Dr. Angel Acosta, Contemplative Scholar Practitioner, moderated by Jonathan L. Wiesner, CEO of the Garrison Institute. These interactive Forum sessions aim to hold space for generative conversations around how contemplative-based approaches can nurture and support the work of Social Justice. Click here to read more about this conversation and watch the video.


Garrison Institute Forum: “Cultivating Awareness & Resilience in Education”
On Tuesday, July 14th, we continued the Garrison Institute Forum with a dynamic conversation about cultivating awareness and resilience in education. Dr. Mark Greenberg moderated the conversation between child psychologist and Director of Training for CARE, Christa Turksma, with professor and CARE co-developer, Dr. Tish Jennings. They reflected on the origins of CARE, which stands for Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education, sharing how it was born out of a desire to help caregivers, especially teachers, become more aware, compassionate, and present in the classroom. Click here to read more about this conversation and watch the video. 

For more recordings of our recent Forum Conversations, please visit our blog, where you’ll also find Virtual Sanctuary Webinars, articles, interviews, and more.