The Myth of “I Can’t Meditate”

There could be lots of reasons behind this image. I suspect it tugged at my heart because I read it as a statement that says, “I give up! I can’t meditate.”  It’s a similar feeling I get when friends hear that I’m heading off to sit retreat and say “I could never do that,” or “Geez, I’d lose my mind with boredom.”  

Maybe the first question to ask is, “Do you feel drawn to do that?” If the answer is “Nope, not my jam,” we need to respect that.

The Great Bypass: Resting in the Aliveness of Being

Without a doubt, if there is one tangible benefit that has emerged from my contemplative journey over the last decade, it has been in my capacity to be more honest with myself. Not honest in the conventional sense of not lying, but an honesty that is alive and active, a type of commitment to working with the real, mundane facts…