Pathways to Planetary Health Forum with Doughnut Economics Action Lab

Join us for a conversation of Garrison Institute Co-founder Jonathan FP Rose speaking with Kate Raworth, Leonora Grcheva, and Erinch Sahan of Doughnut Economics Action Lab  for a thought provoking discussion of Doughnut Economics, which asks the question- what is the goal of economics- and answers it with a purpose: social and ecological wellbeing rather than growth or many other economic indicators that we pay too much attention to.

Indy Johar

Pathways to Planetary Health Forum with Indy Johar

Indy Johar and Jonathan F. P. Rose explore how to transform the worldviews of underlying and often-invisible systems – economic, governance, and policy systems –to give rise to a world of mutual thriving. This thought-provoking conversation will consider the mindsets and systems that can better align the well being of human systems with nature.