What are we feeding and sustaining?

What are we feeding and sustaining? How can a specific project, partnership, or engagement feed into justice and repair? Do our actions today carry prospects for peace and tranquility in the longer-range future?

Boundary Spanning

In a recent podcast episode, Stephen Posner, Director of Pathways to Planetary Health at the Garrison Institute, joined a conversation with Michael Cox, Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA, who studies and teaches about the commons – a broad concept that reflects a whole, integrated world and that refers to relationships among places, communities, resources,…

Two-Eyed Seeing

The Pathways to Planetary Health initiative partnered with See Change Sessions to introduce the power of applied contemplative practice to a new diverse audience at the February 2024 See Change flagship event in Vermont.

This partnership helped a community of change agents engage with contemplative practice to develop insight into inner change, embrace innovative social presencing practices, and build capacity for collaboration and compassion while addressing today’s pressing social and environmental issues.