Daniel Christian Wahl on Regenerative Systems Design

On June 3rd, Dr. Daniel Christian Wahl joined Garrison Institute co-founder Jonathan F.P. Rose in conversation on regenerative systems design for planetary health. Grounding the conversation, Daniel explained that regenerative cultures are not a futuristic utopia; rather, these were reality for millenia, with people living as part of their landscapes. It is only in the last ~1,000 years that the story we tell ourselves has changed.

Cynthia Bourgeault on The Common Good

On 5/25, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault joined Garrison Institute co-founder Jonathan F.P. Rose in conversation on the Common Good. The day after the Uvalde tragedy, when many felt lost and hopeless, Cynthia offered advice blending her unique brand of study in the Wisdom school tradition.

Taking Educator SEL Seriously!
CARE Is a Proven Equitable Pathway to Support Teacher and Student Well-being

Teaching can be a very rewarding profession, but the stresses of the last two years have taken a great toll and we are now facing a teacher crisis of retirement and shortages that will affect and negatively impact education for a generation. A startling new Ed Week finding shows that the % of American teachers that are very satisfied with their jobs drop from 62% in 2010  to just 12% in April of 2022.

Waking Up Fabulous – Taking Refuge & Care

As we prepare for this year’s Garrison Institute LGBTQIA+ meditation retreat, we are inspired by these reflections of those who attended past retreats! Year after year, the presence of LGBTQIA+ practitioners at this retreat opens our hearts to what it means to practice together, to connect, and to heal in the face of trying times. Meditating, walking, and eating in silence can be an antidote to busy-ness, the nonstop news cycles, and other daily life stressors. At this retreat, we have the possibility of connecting with our strength, courage, and resilience, and, yes, our fabulousness! The retreat is deliberately led by a diverse group of teachers, assistants, and managers in order to welcome as vast a group of LGBTQIA+ folks as possible, knowing that our practice, the ancient teachings, and our relationships with one another ultimately holds a container for practice, healing and inner transformation.

Pathways to Planetary Health Forum: Summer 2022 Series Introduction

Building on the momentum of our Spring 2022 Pathways to Planetary Health (PPH) Forum series, the Garrison Institute is excited to announce its continuation through a new summer lineup. Our spring series created an arc across all four pathways to planetary health while engaging leading thinkers. This summer, we continue highlighting each pathway and bringing thought leaders to engage with our audience, this time with a focus on regeneration.