There is a deepening sense that our environmental crisis is also a spiritual crisis and that our alienation from ourselves and from the living world is contributing significantly to the destruction we are visiting upon the world.

Simultaneously, into this moment of crisis, an explosion of new terminology and framings are being proffered, as various scientific, social, and governance communities come to appreciate the deeply interconnected nature of the challenges we face.

In response to this, the Garrison Institute will focus on Transformational and Contemplative Ecology and reassess from a transdisciplinary perspective the ecological basis of civilization. Our efforts will be comprised of conceptual and systems mappings, convenings and retreats, community-of-practice and network development, and storytelling.

We will bring together leaders in the field of climate, ecology, community-led and sustainable development, public health, governance, and ecumenical spiritual and contemplative leadership to explore (and invent) new frameworks for understanding and new modalities of engagement and action.

The Garrison Institute brought together various networks as a hub for continued exploration of the vision of planetary health discussed during our Pathways To Planetary Health Symposium in April 2018. To read a summary report of the symposium, please click here.

By drawing on our network of teachers, scientists, thinkers, and speakers, and using our core skills—convening, collaborating, storytelling—we will support the growth of the planetary health field. The Institute will be the leading contributor to the idea of Societal Altruism as we work to ensure our planet nourishes and sustains the diversity of life with which we co-exist and on which we depend.

Here are some conversations we’ve had with key speakers at the Pathways to Planetary Health Symposium:

“Letting Go of the Big Bass: A Conversation with Carl Safina and Andrew Revkin”

“Regenerative Economics: Solving the Root Causes of Social and Environmental Challenges”

“Healing Civilization Nature’s Way: A Conversation with Jonathan Rose and Tom Lovejoy

“Leaning Toward Interdependence: A Conversation with Mary Evelyn Tucker and Demo Rinpoche” 

“Climate Change for Aliens (And We Are the Aliens)”

Climate, Mind and Behavior (CMB) is our Transformational and Contemplative Ecology signature program. Our CMB program convenes leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of climate change and environmental advocacy, neuro-, behavioral and evolutionary economics, psychology, social networking, policy-making, and investing and social media to work together on ways to shift behavior on a large enough scale to realize substantial emissions reductions.

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